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Ingleside police continue search for woman missing since Hurricane Harvey

So what did happen to Melissa Garrett? There are a lot of people still asking questions and a police chief who vows to get an answer.

INGLESIDE, Texas — The Ingleside Police Department is stepping up efforts to find out what happened to 49-year-old Melissa Garrett. She has been missing since around the time of Hurricane Harvey, almost two and a half years ago.

Garrett is a mother of two who simply vanished.

"Do I believe there are unusual circumstance here?" Ingleside Police Chief Tammy Burr said. "Yes, I do."

According to Burr, Garrett's family said they last saw her on Aug. 24, 2017, the day before Hurricane Harvey made landfall. She was staying with her boyfriend until Sept. 1.

Burr said since she took over the chief's job in June, she has been looking into some of the department's unsolved cases, and this was one that called for more action.

"We are going to start re-interviewing everyone associated with this case. All of Melissa Garrett's family members will be interviewed. Anyone who was associated with Melissa. Anyone that we can find, they're going to be brought in here and they're going to be interviewed," Burr said. "We're going to get some answers."

The chief said the area along Port and Baywood is where Garrett was last spotted according to her boyfriend, who said she was in the area back on Sept. 1, 2017. That location happens to be down the street from where she was living at with her boyfriend, Scott Lowrance. He said he hasn't seen her since that day.

"She stayed with me a while after the hurricane. She was off her medication. She was unstable. I asked the police to come down here and help her. I was worried about her wellbeing and I came back and she was gone," Lowrance said. "She was carrying her suitcase up the road and I came back and checked the whole neighborhood, and that's the last I saw of her."

Brittany Schonefeld is one of Garrett's two daughters. She said her mother had mental issues and had been in a rehab facility just before she went missing.

"She didn't even have the will power or the strength to really backpack away from her boyfriend's house like he claims, and she lives right down the road, so if she was going to go anywhere, she was going to go home," Schonefeld said.

Lowrance believes someone knows what happened to his girlfriend and he just wishes he knew if she was okay.

"Just out of the blue, she just disappears and falls off the Earth," Lowrance said. "That just doesn't happen. I don't think it happened like that."

So what did happen to Melissa Garrett? There are a lot of people still asking questions and a police chief who vows to get an answer.

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