A mother of a missing Corpus Christi woman is speaking out Friday night.

32-year-old Elyn Loera has been missing since October of 2019, and her mother is hoping someone out there has information

"Nobody falls off the face of this earth with nobody seeing nothing or hearing nothing or knowing nothing. Someone had to have seen something," mother Rosie Loera said. 

According to Loera, her daughter left Corpus Christi for Harlingen to visit her boyfriend, Anthony Eliff. 

Harlingen police recently arrested Eliff for the murder of another man. Shortly after his arrest, a tip came in about human remains located on a piece of property owned by a relative of his. 

Police say it's too early to tell who the remains belong to, but a sample of Rosie's DNA was taken to see if the remains are a match.

"There is somebody out there that has information, and I do not care to know their names. I do not care to know anything. If they've got something," Loera said.  "I don't care how small, how big. I don't care if they think it doesn't mean anything. It might mean something that will find my daughter."

According to the police, they will send the remains to the crime lab next week. Depending on their caseload, it could take several months for results to come back. 

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