CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Next year's proposed $1.1 billion budget for the City of Corpus Christi includes a whopping $128 million for street maintenance and reconstruction -- double what was allocated for streets under the current budget.

There's a big focus on residential areas this time around, with a list of projects stretching from Calallen to Corpus Christi's southside, and everywhere in between. The residential street fund is $25 million -- basically a four-percent property tax approved by voters.

That means you can get ready to see a lot of orange cones throughout the city. Specifically, residential streets will see $25 million worth of improvements.

The list of projects 65 residential streets in all, chosen by a variety of factors.

"Existing pavement condition. There's also values considered, things like sidewalks, driveways, storm sewer improvements, proximity to schools, amount of traffic accidents, what kind of utilities are underneath and utilities need to be upgraded as well," Director of Street Operations Albert Quintanilla said.

Approval on the final budget is expected Sept. 17.

Check out the full list below to find out of your street is included:

Project Name
Six Points Intersection Improvements
Leopard St - (Crosstown Expressway to Palm Dr)
Ayers Street - Pedestrian Improvements / Turn Lane
Morgan Ave - (S.Staples St to Crosstown Expressway)
Morgan Ave - (S.Staples St to Ocean Dr)
Rodd Field Road Expansion - (Saratoga to Yorktown)
Flato Road - (Agnes St to Bates Rd)
Holly Road - (Crosstown Freeway to Greenwood Dr)
Everhart Road - (SPID to Holly Rd)
Slough Road (Rodd Field Rd to Amethyst Dr)
Holly Road - (Rodd Field Rd to Ennis Joslin Rd)
Frio St /Hacala St/ Dorado St Corridor
Leopard St - (Palm Dr to Nueces Bay Blvd)
Lipes Blvd - (Yorktown Blvd to Sun Wood Dr)
North Beach Area Primary Access
S. Staples St - (Kostoryz Rd to Baldwin Blvd)
Swantner Dr - (Texan Tr to Indiana Ave)
Beach Ave - (DE- Gulfbreeze to Causeway Blvd)
Callicoatte Rd - (Up River Rd to IH 37)
Gollihar Rd - (Crosstown Expwy to Greenwood Dr)
North Beach Gulfspray Ave Ped/Bike Access
North Beach Coastal Protection
Laguna Shores Rd - (SPID to Graham Dr)
Laguna Shores Rd - (Hustlin Hornet to Caribbean)
Brawner Pkwy - (Kostoryz Rd to Carroll Ln)
Strasboug Dr - (Riom St to Greoble Dr)
Wooldridge Rd - (Everhart Rd to Cascade Dr)
Castenon St - (Trojan Dr to Delgado St)
Junior Beck Dr - (Bear Ln to Dead End)
N. Lexington Blvd - (Leopard St to Hopkins Rd)
Long Meadow Dr - (St Andrews Dr to Hunt Dr)
McArdle Road - (Carroll Ln to Kostoryz Rd)
Alameda St - (Louisiana St to Chamberlain St)
Laguna Shores Rd - (Mediterranean Dr to Wyndale St)
Everhart Road - (SPID to McArdle Rd)
South Oso Parkway - (S. Staples St to S. Oso Pkwy)
JFK Causeway Access Road Improvements
Airline Rd - (SPID to McArdle Rd)
Calallen Dr - (Red Bird Ln to Burning Tree Ln)
Heizer Dr (Emmord Loop to Mc Kinzie Road)
Nida Dr (Leopard to Heizer)
Palm Dr (Up River Rd to Leopard)
Avenue D (Middle Lane to W. Buckhorn)
Glazebook Dr (Reid to Swantner)
Chamberlain St (Reid to Swantner)
Naples St Phase 1 (Horne Rd to Condee)
Naples St Phase 2 (Norton to Richard)
Florida Ave (Kosar to Logan)
Jean St (Padre Island Dr to Dead End )
Brett St (Weber Rd to Byron)
Delgado St (Castenon to Salazar)
Dryer Circle (Riverton to Langton Ave)
Golden Gate Circle (Old Brownsville to Dead End)
Green Lane Dr (Green Tree to Dead End)
Geen Leaf Dr (Green Tree to Dead End)
Green Park Dr (Green Point to Green Gate)
Saxony Dr (Mathew to Briston)
Angelo Dr (Santa Fe to Beverly)
Beverly Dr  (Angelo to Santa Fe)
Rossiter St (Ocean Dr to Santa Fe)
Thames Dr (William Dr to Spencer)
Scotch Moss Dr  (Wooldridge Rd to Cinnamon Oak)
Inverness Dr (Iroquois Dr to Timbergate)
Creek View Dr (Shallow Crk Dr to Wood Crk Dr.)
Mountain View Dr (Leopard to Mesa)
17th St (Crosstown Expressway to Marguerite)
Beckworth Trail (Oregon Trail to Ded End)
S. Country Club Pl (Up River Rd to Interstate 37)
San Saba Dr (Concho to Comal)
Shawnee St (Chippewa St to Lou St)
Sparkleberry Dr  (Granite Peak Dr to Temp DE)
Bartlett Dr (Wilson to Saxet S)
Thoreau Circle (Beal to Dead End)
Stillman Ave (Leopard St to Interstate 37)
Cuiper St (Naples to Carlton)
Chamberlain St (Reid Dr to Lawnview)
MacArthur St (Nimitz to Presa)
15th St (Elizabeth to Ayers)
Barrera Dr (Bloomington to Villareal )
Boca Raton Dr (Congressional to Pebble Beach)
El Monte St (Pamona to Victor L Ortego)
Harvard St (Prescott to Vitemb)
Killarmet Circle (Killarmet to Dead End)
Killarmet Circle West (Killarmet to Dead End)
Bowie St (Sokol to Santa Ana)
Deepdale Dr (Coral Ridge to Pebble Beach)
Green Acre Dr (Green Tree to Dead End)
Sullivan St (Eklund to Dead End)
Hustlin Hornet Dr (Ivy to Waldron)
Kentner Dr (Parade to Cape Cod)
Millbrook Dr (Coveway Dr. to Coveway Dr)
Voisin Dr (Vancouver to Dead End)
Soto Dr (Coquina Bay to Sea Pines)
Marina Dr (Park Road 22 to Ambrosia)
Denver Ave  (Doddridge to Jackson)
St. Perpetua Dr (St. Felicity to Dead End)
Pescadores Dr (Palmira to Cruiser)
Manitoulin Island Dr (Oso Pkwy to Calgary)
Durant Dr  (Scabbard Dr to Dogtooth Dr)
Annemasse St (Queen Bess Dr. to York Crossing)
Bobtail Dr (Wild Fire Dr to Bridgett Dr)
Cotton Club Dr (Savoy St to Meadowbreeze)
Hampton Dr (Dead End to BrockHampton)
Stony Brook Dr (Boston to Spring Brook)
Outreau Dr (Montdidier to Lovain)
Venice Dr (Yorktown to Vanern)
ADA Improvements (Other)
Alternative Mobility Improvements
Downtown Pedestrian Safety Improvements
Street Lighting Improvements
Downtown Lighting Improvements
Traffic Signal Improvements
TxDOT Participation /Traffic Mgmt
Sunnybrook Road Sidewalk Improvements, Phase 1
Sunnybrook Road Sidewalk Improvements, Phase 2
Poth Lane Sidewalk Improvements, Phase 1
Poth Lane Sidewalk Improvements, Phase 2
Downtown Street Improvements
Twigg St - (Shoreline Blvd to Lower Broadway St)
North Beach Area Road Improvements / Beautification
SeaTown Pedestrian Improvements
Park Road 22 Bridge
Traffic Signal and Lighting Improvements - City Wide
Residential Street Rebuild Program
ADA Improvements  
Developer Participation Projects
TxDOT Participation Projects

You can view the entire 2020 Capital Budget & Capital Improvement Planning Guide here.

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