KINGSVILLE, Texas — Kleberg County Judge Rudy Madrid recently applied for and received a $4 million grant to make improvements to the JK Northway Expo Center in Kingsville, Texas.

The Center, which is owned and run by both the City and County, was built in the 1960's. It hosts various events like the stock show throughout the year. 

Jenine Reyes, the Director of Tourism Services for Kingsville, said back in May that the City approved a hotel occupancy tax increase by two-percent to help revenue bonds to generate money for Expo Center upgrades.

"We're excited to be able to offer an upgraded facility to bring even more events here and of course, when events are coming to our city we benefit from hotel occupancy tax our businesses benefit from people spending money in their shops," Reyes said. 

Reyes said the county will have to go through a process to approve the upgrades that will be funded by the grant money. Both the City and County will have to work together in order to improve the Expo Center.

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