A prominent Corpus Christi judge accused of road rage has filed a lawsuit against a well-known construction firm and its owner, and the two sides could not reach an agreement out of court.

On Wednesday, 148th District Judge Guy Williams asked for a speedy trial.

"I know how the media just loves me in this town," Williams said.

He's not exactly a media darling, but he is wanting the media to be there when he has his day in court.

"I want to clear my name with the public," Williams said. "The public has a general perception I'm a road rage judge, and so I want to clear my name. I want to get my court appearance as soon as possible."

Williams is suing Fulton Construction and its owner, Phillip Skrobarczyk, over an incident that happened back in 2015 on Antelope and Mexico streets.

"Me and Mr. Skrobarczyk had an altercation. I ran up on him real close and he hit his breaks real hard. I went around him," Williams said. "Followed me for about a mile and when I turned to get away from him he, ah, steered his car into my car and intentionally ran into me."

Skrobarczyk said it was Williams who hit his car.

The judge was alone. There were four people in Skrobarczyk's car. All filed police reports.

The judge said someone is lying about what happened, and there could be criminal actions involved.

"What we already have is aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, at the very least serious bodily injury to an elderly," Williams said. "We've got aggravated purjury. We've got obstruction of justice. We've got fabricating evidence."

Williams said for the time being he is representing himself, hoping for a trial sometime in November or December. Until then he wants to work on clearing his name and public perception.

"I'm not the unstable idiot, ah, teenager," Williams said. "That's what they called me. That's pretty much what they called me. One of us is lying."

Williams has been accused of a couple of other road rage incidents, which he vehemently denies, including one in 2013 where he allegedly struck a Jeep. The most recent was in April, where he is accused of running a vehicle off the road.

The latter case is under investigation by Texas Rangers.