CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — You may have heard some horror stories of people getting stuck in the elevators at the Nueces County Courthouse, or the elevators simply not working. It is an issue that had several judges voice their concerns during this week's Nueces County Commissioners meeting.

3News looked into the issue Thursday and upon arrival at the courthouse, it was learned that one of the elevators was, in fact, out of order.

It's nothing new for the people who work there. In fact, the problems with the elevators have been going on for years.

"You cannot have a courthouse that does not function, ten stories without elevators," Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales said.

Canales is calling the issue an emergency situation. She said infrastructure needs at the courthouse have needed attention since before her arrival in January. Canales added that the elevators are older and there are only two companies around that can work on them.

The courtrooms are located on various floors of the 10-story building. The fear is that if elevators do not work, judges could be forced to close down their courts and business would be brought to a halt.

"They were not operational and not closing properly," Canales said. "We were seeing judges opening and closing them for every floor. That is completely unacceptable. It presents a safety issue."

Canales said she is committed to repairing and upgrading the cars and is proposing a major infrastructure commitment, but a funding source will need to be created.

It's estimated the improvements will cost $1.6 million dollars.

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