CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Nueces County jury found 37-year-old Jacob Nunez not guilty Thursday of a 2017 shooting at the La Armada Housing Complex.

Nunez was accused of shooting his former father-in-law, Mike "Mac" Ramos, in July of 2017.

Assistant District Attorney Matt Manning said it took the jury 15 hours to deliberate in the case, and in the end they decided there was not enough evidence to convict Nunez.

Manning said the Ramos family was visibly upset at Thursday's verdict. Meanwhile, Nunez and his family breathed a huge sigh of releif.

Prosecutors said 20 witnesses testified in the six-day trial and they believe they put forward the best case they could, but the jury said otherwise.

"It's the nature of how it works and we respect their decision, and we'll just keep doing what we can to keep our citizens safe," Manning said. "And where the citizens think the evidence is not sufficient, we'll also respect that decision."

It wasn't the first trial Nunez faced for the shooting homicide. Last year a mistrial was declared when a jury could not reach a verdict in his first trial.