While many enjoy all the Independence Day fireworks, pets often do not. Many of us have seen our pets react badly to the loud noises, so how can we keep them safe for the holiday?

Some pets will wet the floor, crawl into places they cannot get out of or even run away from loud sounds they do not understand, but there are things you can do.

"July 4 and New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, those are the two number one holidays each year where there's more animals that are lost because of fear from the fireworks," said Cheryl Martinez, President of People Assisting Animal Control.

Martinez said the first thing to do is prepare.

"Keep your pets indoors. Microchip them. If you don't microchip, at least a nametag and ID tags," Martinez said.

Microchips are the size of a grain of rice that are injected into your pet painlessly and have the information of the owner. The PAAC shelter will be open on the holiday to answer calls about missing pets.

There are several effective products available to help calm your pets during thunderstorms or fireworks noise.

"So we have the thunder shirts here," PetsMart's Jenny McGee said. "These are the thunder shirts, and these will basically kind of swaddle the pet. It kind of will be tight around the chest area, and it's kind of like being hugged."

There are also toys that help.

If you find an animal running loose that you believe has an owner, any vet clinic, the PAAC shelter or Animal Control have a scanner to help locate the pet's owner.