KINGSVILLE, Texas — A pet adoption event in Kingsville, Texas, has been canceled due to an alleged outbreak of parvo and distemper.

Kingsville-Kleberg Animal Control officials said it serves as a reminder of how important it is to properly vaccinate your cats and dogs.

As soon as staff noticed some of their dogs weren't looking too well, they had them tested for parvo and distemper at a local veterinarian's office. Health Director Emilio Garcia said eight dogs tested positive and, unfortunately, had to be put down. Since then, employees have been cleaning high and low to make sure the virus is gone.

Garcia said the illnesses spread quickly, which makes early detection important.

"We're doing our best to clean, to sanitize, to disinfect all the kennels to try and eradicate the parvo distemper virus that we perhaps had in our shelter as soon as possible," Garcia said.

Garcia said he hopes they will be able to have an adoption event in the future, but first they must make sure conditions are safe and clean.

Garcia urges all pet owners to have their cats and dogs microchipped and properly vaccinated.

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