CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A large crowd crammed into the first floor of the Kleberg County courthouse today.

It seems the county judge sent out a request for people to show up for a special event to honor the hard work put in by Kleberg County sheriff's deputies. 

Our Michael Gibson was there for what turned out to be an emotional gathering.  

There were about to be a lot of tears shed, as this was actually a big send-off for County Commissioner Chuck Shultz. He is scheduled to go to San Antonio for a kidney transplant surgery.

"When you walk through those hospital doors next week I want you to know that you have every single person in this room walking through those doors with you", said Judge Rudy Madrid. 

Commissioner Schultz did not know anything about this community send-off. His wife of 20 years, Amy Schultz, never spilled the beans.

"I was really proud of myself that he didn't find out from me", said Amy.

"We don't usually keep secrets from one another and she didn't tell me a thing", said Commissioner Schultz. 

Schultz told us he has been on dialysis for three years, and this coming Wednesday he's undergoing that kidney transplant procedure.

"Look at all these people. I am so humbled to have all these friends and people who work at this courthouse and who live in the surrounding area and come here and wish me well on my operation" added Commissioner Schultz. 

The commissioner does have a whole lot of friends and co-workers who were there to show their moral support and will be ready to welcome him back to work after his recovery. 

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