CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — La Niña, the last remaining Columbus ship replica in Corpus Christi, was found underwater Tuesday morning.

The ship reportedly sunk overnight and is now resting beneath the waters of the downtown Marina. News of the sinking was announced during Tuesday's city council meeting.

This is not the first time La Niña has sunk. Park of it sunk after Hurricane Harvey because its pumps did not have electricity. It took about three months to bring it back above water, a process that cost the Columbus Sailing Association about $20,000 in donated funds.

Since then, the ship has been in limbo as the City looks for new owners.

La Niña was one of three ships built by the Columbus Foundation in the late 1980s, and it's the last one that is still around. They were a gift to the City of Corpus Christi from Spain in 2006.