As of Wednesday, Lake Corpus Christi had reached 100-percent capacity. Just 15 days before, it was only about two-thirds full.

In that 15 days, the watershed received several days of good rainfall, and with the additional water still entering Lake Corpus Christi, the City will have to release the excess to relieve some of the pressure on the dam.

Of course, that means those living downriver will see some flooding in the days ahead.

Once the flood gates are opened, low-lying areas like Labonte Park become prone to flooding.

The most recent readings say Lake Corpus Christi is 100-percent full at a little over 256,000 acres per foot, with structures like docks and yards already being flooded. The City will soon need to open the flood gates to release water and pressure on the dam.

That release can potentially cause flooding down the Nueces River. The homes there are on stilts and have no need to be concerned.

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