The real estate company assisting with the Hillcrest relocation program held a meeting Tuesday night to urge landlords to help house tenants in the area.

Del Richardson and Associates said the Harbor Bridge project had left hundreds of area residents looking for a new home. The firm said a lack of rentals in the area is an issue.

"It cannot be achieved unless the entire community gets behind it and supports it and makes units available," Project Manager Dionisio Marquez said.

Hillcrest tenants who chose to be part of the relocation project are eligible to receive thousands of dollars in a lump sum and benefits that will help individuals find new housing.

"The household size, the number of bedrooms they currently occupy. the rent that they're paying," Marquez said. "The income of the family."

Some landlords at the meeting said the presentation answered a lot of questions.

"What they pay per month and what they'll be giving them and it's information that is very positive for the renters, " Guadalupe Garza said.

Program managers urged landlords to welcome tenants that might not typically meet the income or other requirements to live on their properties because the program will help take care of rent or a downpayment on the house.

"They are receiving assistance for 42 months to help them bridge the difference in rent for what their currently paying and what they would have to pay on the market," Marquez said.

The firm plans to have similar meetings in the near future.

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