CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — One local downtown business, the Nueces Brewing Company, hasn't even been open a year yet --and now, the owners say this pandemic has forced them to seek help to keep the lights on.

The brewery started selling barbecue to help with the bills and to pay their employees, but now they need cooks to keep the new kitchen running.  

"Everyone says, 'save for a rainy day, save for a rainy day!' But a new business doesn't have any room to save and this was like a hail storm," said Brandon Harper, co-owner of Nueces Brewing Company.

"Doing things we never thought we had to do, but that just comes with the territory, you know. We're not willing to give up, we're not willing to lay down and we're gonna go kicking and screaming if we go," added Harper. 

Visit the Nueces Brewing Company's website and Facebook page for more information. 

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