CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Officials declared the El Paso shooting a domestic terror attack with possible hate crime charges.
The local LULAC president said acts like these are a sober reminder to stay vigilant.
We sat down with president Nick Adame of LULAC council number one.
He begins with sending his condolences to any one affected by the tragedy in El Paso.
According to ABC News, the suspect in the shooting told law enforcement he was trying to shoot as many Mexicans as possible.
Adame said an act of hate like this is a reflection of the hostile climate we live in.
“The rhetoric that is out there is fueling the anti-immigration, the anti-Latino, the hatred that is out there,” he said.
He says the job of LULAC is to confront crimes like this and one way of doing that is by pushing for legislation that could prevent shootings like the ones in both El Paso and Dayton, Ohio.
“We need to start focusing on gun control laws,” Adame said. “We need to stop the sale of weapons of war to the public.”
Adame said there is LULAC councils all over the state of Texas to help anyone dealing with this devastation.
He wasn't the only one with LULAC to speak out. LULAC's national president traveled to El Paso to condemn the shooting as well.