The Sea City Work Camp is a faith-based program in which high school students help the elderly who aren't physically able or cannot afford to fix their homes.

Among the volunteers is a man from Louisiana. He actually grew up in Corpus Christi and began taking part in the Sea City Work Camp as a middle schooler. He has not missed a summer since.

"I started 14 years ago as a camper and I enjoyed it very much," Morgan Cole said. "There was something that kind of went through me. I had this feeling that I loved and I wanted more of it."

A Callallen native, Cole did not let moving to Louisiana stop him from coming back home to help those who need it.

"It just consumed me, so I wanted to be able to give that to the kids coming in now," Cole said.

Cole is a foreman for Sea City Work Camp now. The nonprofit project was started in 1993 by local churches to help repair the homes of citizens who have special needs but limited resources.

The camp hosts both high school students and adults as volunteers. Cole said he's happy the next generation of participants have the same passion as he does, and he hopes to inspire youth to follow the same path.