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May 25, 2021 is officially 'Joe Gazin Day' in Corpus Christi

Mayor Paulette Guajardo proclaimed today 'Joe Gazin, An Undeniable Legacy, Day' during a special presentation.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — He is kind of a big deal.

May 25, 2021 is officially "Joe Gazin, An Undeniable Legacy, Day" in Corpus Christi. Mayor Paulette Guajardo made the proclamation during a city council meeting Tuesday. 

Gazin was surrounded by family at council chambers this morning as the special announcement was made. 

"After 43, almost 44 years, it has been like home, it is certainly a routine to sit down at the anchor desk every night," Gazin said. "I am one of those rare and very fortunate people to have found a profession that I thoroughly enjoy and I loved every minute, really, of the 40+ years on the job. Sure, there were bad days, there were challenges, but that's what made it exciting- never the same day twice."

Gazin isn't going to stop working, he is going to focus his attention on a video production company he started. 

"There are things that develop and you just realize, you know what, if you're ever going to do something else- you need to walk away and take a risk and do it. So that's kind of where I am. I realized the time had come and so decided to make the leap," Gazin said. 

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Gazin is set to retire this week after more than 43 years of breaking news to the Corpus Christi area. 

"I cannot say enough about all of the kind comments, and well wishes and all the attention that this has received over the past, nearly two months when I first made the announcement. And I tell you, if I would have known it was going to get that much attention I would've done it sooner and more often," Gazin joked. 

Over the years, Joe Gazin has been a beacon of light during times of crisis and a voice of truth in troubling times. Whether covering some of the most dominant stories of the day, such as the major hurricanes starting with Hurricane Allen in 1980, the death of Selena, or even through some of the more recent impacts of COVID-19 and winter storms, Joe Gazin has been the calm voice of reason when we have needed it most.

Credit: 3News

For as much as Joe has done in the community, he’s done just as much for his family – both at work and at home. Bruce Cummings, vice president, TEGNA media operations and president/general manager of KIII had this to say:

“Spanning more than four decades in the Coastal Bend, Joe has been a driving force of not only critically important local news, but community goodwill and meaningful outreach as well. He has meant so much to me, the KIII 3NEWS family, and to so many more all across South Texas. Joe’s distinguished track record of impact, connecting with people, and of ‘making a difference’ is one that most likely will never be matched. If you are looking for a champion not only in the business of journalism, but also with serving the greater good of our community, you never need look any further than Joe Gazin.”

Credit: 3News

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When asked about why he felt it was time to retire, Joe said, "You can feel when it's right, and it's certainly right at this point." Asked about what he’s doing next, he added, "The sky's the limit...I can do as much as I have the energy to do."

Credit: 3News

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