CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Responding to criticism Friday, Corpus Christi Mayor Joe McComb held a news conference to dispel what he calls misconceptions about the city manager search process.

Earlier this week, McComb said the search process was delayed after several applicants were contacted by the media. One applicant was afraid that attention would jeopardize his current position and withdrew his name.

The search firm then had to look for another applicant.

McComb said those who are second-guessing the transparency of the City's search process do not realize what's going on.

"Anybody who wants to make a rush to judgement just because they read some newspaper article about somebody, I think that's a very shallow way to make decisions," McComb said. "You have to differentiate between what's fact and what's fiction, and in today's world all you got to do is make an accusation and that person's guilty, but we're not going to be caught in that trap, at least if I'm in charge of it."

McComb said as soon as all the applicants have been investigated by the search firm, Council will decide on an interview process to make sure the public will be able to provide input on the City's selection.