CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — An open meet-and-greet event was held Monday at the American Bank Center to introduce the City of Corpus Christi's four candidates for city manager.

Margie Rose resigned from the city manager's position just over a year ago and after some delays, the search firm hired by the City narrowed its list to four candidates. Those four arrived in Corpus Christi on Sunday and spent Monday with City Council in executive session.

The candidates are Interim City Manager Keith Selman, Harry Black from Cincinnati, Lee Feldman from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Peter Zanoni from San Antonio.

3News got a chance to ask each candidate why they want to serve as Corpus Christi's city manager.

"We know that Corpus Christi is a great location that has tons of potential, but helping solve some of the foundation at City Hall with city staff and the organizational culture makes this job very attractive to me," Zanoni said.

"I look at Corpus Christi as being the next stage in my career. Little bit larger of a community than Fort Lauderdale but a lot of the same issues," Feldman said. "We had water, sewer, infrastructure issues. We had road maintenance issues. We had deferred maintenance issues that we had to catch up on after the recession."

"The passion that this community have for the people in this community, have for its city as a whole, that's one absolute that I've learned," Selman said. "There's been quite a few things to tackle over the last year. We've had some issues with our water billing. We have continued to have issues with streets. Those are things that we have tackled through the budget process and administratively."

"Trying to find ways to integrate community engagement in everything that we do as a city government in terms of two-way communication, getting feedback, involving community organizations and strategy development," Black said.

The meet-and-greet at the American Bank Center was scheduled to run until 8 p.m.

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