This past week, city leaders met on board the USS Lexington Museum to sign an important document. One that recognizes the importance of our military service members, their families, and the veterans who live and work in our community. In this installment of Military Matters report, we get a closer look at why this covenant is so important. One by one, city leaders put pen to paper and signed what's called a community covenant, a document aimed at protecting our local military installations.

Capt. Dave Edgecomb with NAS-CC told 3 News, "we in the military depend on the community for a whole host of things wether its housing or education or just the social nature of the community is a big part of what we do in the military."

The covenant, a way of showing our military members as they fight to protect our county, that we have their backs.

Edgecomb said, "every time we have a service member come back from a deployment given the nature of what we do here, they go one at a time so they come back on an airline flight. There's usually 15-20 members from the community that meet them with flags, and greet them at the airport. Things like that you don't see it anywhere else."

The community covenant put together by the local Chamber of Commerce. Foster Edwards, the Chamber President and CEO saying he could not imagine what this community would be like without our military.