The Corpus Christi Army Depot is launching a program to update over 700 of the military's UH 60 black hawk helicopters. With the new program comes a brand new facility.

3 News got a sneak peak.

Taylor Alanis has the story in this week's Military Matters.

It is the premier helicopter repair facility in the world, but the current hangers and buildings at the Corpus Christi Army Depot were built in 1940.

Col. Alan Lenceta, Commander at CCAD said, " we need to have buildings to provide better efficiency, better energy and conservation than what we have now."

Just lighting the depot costs millions of dollars a year but army officials hope the newest building will reduce that cost.

Lenceta said, "as soon as you walk through it, you'll see, it's fully enclosed, climate controlled, the lights are brand new halogen lights.

The depot's newest assignment is to update the old "Lima" models of black hawks into Victor models, which means advanced technology and longer life.

The old cockpits were analog gas driven cockpits this is all fully digital

The first 10 Victor models will be delivered by 2019. it will take 15 years to finish all 760.