CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — In just a couple weeks Coastal Bend high schools will be holding their commencement ceremonies which mark a milestone for the seniors as they walk the stage in their caps and gowns.

Miller High School established a fund to help out seniors who can't afford to pay for their graduation accessories.

According to Miller High School officials, every year, they have students that are in need when it comes to graduation.

With the help of social media, Miller High School hopes to meet the need with donations.

After posts about the issue on Facebook Miller High School said, the community stepped up to help. On Wednesday the high school received around $785 in donations which will cover 18 caps and gowns.

If donations received to the school surpass their 2019 goal, Miller High School will put the donations towards 2020 since teachers said its something needed every for every class.

"You see the light goes off in their eyes 'wow somebody is going to take care of me? Moreover, I'm like we got you covered. Don't worry about it'. That feels good it's going to feel even better when we see them come across the stage in those caps and gowns," principal Dr. Bruce Wilson said. 

"They want to see their student graduate across the stage. Be proud of that moment when students are in need like this and require financial assistance we want to do everything we can to help them achieve that," assistant principal Jenifer Martinez said. 

Miller High School said the seniors would be able to keep their caps and gowns after graduation.