Corpus Christi (kIII News) — Ana Davila and Steve Rojas are parents to three beautiful children. However, leading up with excitement for the birth of their third child, a routine checkup showed something was different.

"The tech was acting a little weird. I could just sense her body language, and she stepped out of the room and I looked at my husband and said there's something wrong," Ana said.

Ana and Steve were about to receive news no parent ever wants to hear. The sonogram showed multiple deformities. Their baby girl may not make it.

They were given the option to terminate the pregnancy.

"We were like no way. We are going to keep our faith in God and just walk the whole way," Steve said. "Walk with faith. Matter of fact, her middle name is Faith."

They made preparations to welcome baby Anabelle Faith in Corpus Christi. She was delivered by c-section at Bay Area Hospital and taken immediately to Driscoll Children's Hospital for care.

"It was an experience I'll never forget," Steve said.

Anabelle was born extremely tiny and was placed in Level 3 of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Ana had to wait two days post surgery before she could finally see her newborn.

"It was beautiful and at the same time, it was overwhelming," Ana said.

The medical team at Driscoll was concerned about Anabelle's ability to breathe. She was born with a deformed jawline. Dr. Hopkins advised she would need corrective surgery to open her airway.

Hopkins and his team were able to use 3D imaging to recreate an exact replica of Anabelle's skull. He planned to put metal plates and rods along her jaw to help extend the bone. This would allow Anabelle's airway to open.

Hopkins said it is the advanced technology at Driscoll Children's Hospital that makes all the difference.

Ana shared how on some of her most vulnerable days, she was most appreciative of the nurses who consoled her.

"I tried to stop myself but I would just cry because I just felt horrible that my baby was in the NICU. Like what did I do wrong?" Ana said. "And the nurses were always so understanding and they would say it's okay, we are going to get through this."

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