CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — "Yes, that's fine. I did it. Whatever you are charging me is correct."

They were chilling words heard not too long ago when 72-year-old Mohammad Sahi admitted to killing his daughter and teen grandson.

On Wednesday, Sahi was formally charged with capital murder.

Sahi is accused of killing his daughter, 47-year-old Nargis Zaman, and his grandson, 18-year-old Hamad Zaman, in their home on Denain Drive back in September. He is also accused of seriously injuring another grandon of his, 21-year-old Hamzah Zaman.

Sahi was indicted by a grand jury on Nov. 22. Court records show that the Behavioral Health Center of Nueces County completed an assessment of Sahi back in September.

Authorities said Sahi could face the death penalty.

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