CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Months after being admitted to the hospital, Moody High School Football Coach Michael Cantu wants the community to donate blood. 

In August of 2018, Cantu became sick and as the days passed, he said his condition worsened. Suddenly, he was in a hospital bed.

"They were telling me you're in dire need of blood," Coach Cantu said.

It turns out, Cantu was bleeding internally from an ulcer in his stomach. 

"That sort of turned my life upside down because I was like 'I wasn't bleeding, I wasn't in a major trauma accident' I was bleeding internally and didn't know it," he said. 

When doctors figured he had an ulcer, they also found a tumor. He said he had lost so much blood, doctors ordered a blood transfusion.

"Sitting there late at night watching this vile of blood coming through I got kind of emotional because I realized the value and the importance of our Coastal Bend community," Cantu said.

As he received the blood transfusion, Cantu realized that it could be blood could be from a Moody athlete, student, or complete stranger that he may have crossed paths with.

"I want them to realize how important it is what they do, I don't know if they understand the value of what they've just given," Cantu said.

This experience is why Coach Cantu is urging the Coastal Bend Community to get out and donate blood or platelets. 

"It's important that I get a message across that donating that blood they're solely a big reason why I'm here."

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