CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — An Army Veteran and his family received the gift of a lifetime Friday as part of Operation Finally Home.

Thanks to partners such as H-E-B, Braselton Homes, Christian Broadcast Network, and Operation Finally Home Sgt. Julio Martinez has a place to settle down that is mortgage-free. 

"It is a new beginning. It's like a new start.," Martinez said. 

There is something different about Martinez's household, and it's written on the walls.

"Support from the community they're notes that have scriptural content there are notes that are just thank you for serving," said Lee Kirgan, VP of Construction with Operation Finally Home 

"We appreciate them, and we are thankful and grateful to see that we have this community come together," Martinez said. 

According to Kirgan, the notes of love are more than just words. They offer security that Martinez once felt during his time in the army.

"It allows them to sleep well at night. It gives them the peace that sense of security that they haven't experienced since they've got home," Kirgan said. 

The house is also wheelchair friendly, and Martinez says in their current home, he struggles to get around.

"I'm not able to use my regular wheelchair, so I have to use different methods to move," Martinez said. 

The hardship will end once the home is finished in a couple of months.

"There's so many people that love them that care about them that are here to support them from here on," Kirgan said. 

"I wanna be thankful for everyone taking the time to write down something to do something its amazing the support of the community, and I'll always be thankful," Martinez said. 

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