The Defense attorney for 26 year old, murder suspect Joseph Tejeda is asking the court to reveal any plea deals made with inmates that led to authorities to charging the man for the murder of 21 year old Breanna Wood.

On Thursday, Jack Pulcher, 105th District Judge for Nueces County allowed for three motions to be passed that will allow the defense team to look into any information regarding plea deals in the murder case.

Woods was reported missing in October 2016 by her mother, Fallon Wood. In January of 2017 authorities found Wood's remains in a box at the 5700 block of Farm-To-Market Road 1833 in Robstown.

Police say that an inmate at the Nueces County jail provided information that led them to the location after he revealed he was offered $500 to "dispose" of her body.

Days later an inmate revealed to authorities his cell mate (Tejeda) admitted to the murder of Woods.

Defense attorneys agreed for the case to go to trial later in late October or early November.