The family of Corpus Christi's latest homicide victim gathered to remember Mike "Mac" Ramos Thursday evening along the Bayfront.

The man arrested for fatally shooting Ramos was his ex son-in-law 36 year old Jacob Nunez.

"He didn't deserve it especially for that to be the last person for that to be the last type of family he saw," close family friend Heather Padilla said. "It wasn't right."

There was no doubt in the Ramos' family's mind that Nunez was the man who pulled the trigger.

"He was not a good person and we all know that," Candy Ramos, Mac's niece said. "He has a wrap sheet to prove it."

Although they are grateful for the quick action of the Corpus Christi Police Department for putting nunez in cuffs, investigators are still trying to determine a motive.

"We know what happened and we are just trying to pull together and be strong," Candy Ramos said.

The Ramos family said they are still trying to cope with their loss.

"It's hard to explain to our four year old what do we say," daughter in law Stephanie Ramos said.

Loved ones said Ramos loved to cook, was always happy and loved everyone he met.

"He was a wonderful dad and a wonderful grandpa," Stephanie Ramos said. "Even to those he wasnt a grandpa to," Padilla added.

The family will hold a BBQ fundraiser at 11 a.m. The Dog House on Kostoryz Saturday to help pay for Ramos funeral costs because he didn't have life insurance.

"We had attempted to get him some awhile back however unfortunately because of his open heart surgery last year he was incapable of getting any type of coverage," Candy Ramos said.

Despite Ramos' health issues his family says he was stronger than most. They said they still feel him with them.

"Today that it rained out of all the days since he's passed and no I know that he's with us," Padilla said. "And a beautiful rainbow appeared behind us," Candy Ramos said.

The Ramos family is also taking donations through Memory Gardens Funeral Home.