There's no doubt that the U.S. Navy pilots training at Naval Air Station-Kingsville have amazing skills, but one of their own has been chosen to pilot on a whole other level of expertise by joining ranks with the Blue Angels.

Lt. Andre Webb, an instructor at NAS-Kingsville, has been chosen as the newest member of the Blue Angels.

"I think everyone kind of goes to air shows growing up if they're lucky enough, and sees the planes flying around, and it's like, 'It would be awesome to do that,'" Webb said. "And I'm just lucky enough to be here and say that I'm going to get the opportunity to next year."

At just 31 years old, Webb earned his wings in 2010 and has served in several places around the country flying his FA-18 jet. He's been an instructor at NAS-Kingsville for two years.

This year, Webb said 22 qualified pilots applied to be part of the Blue Angels, for only two spots. So you can imagine his shock when he answered the phone and found out he was the number one pick.

"I was pretty speechless," Webb said. "It's probably the most humbling thing I've ever had happen to me before."

Webb said training will begin in September and he will officially start flying with the team in March of next year; but beyond the air time, he's most excited to see the joy from kids at the air shows because years ago, that was him.