BEN BOLT, Texas — A whole neighborhood came together this week to wish a young boy a happy birthday, and they did it all from their own doorsteps. 10-year-old Law Garcia and his mother celebrated his birthday from a distance.

Dr. Clarissa Garcia is a pediatric cardiologist in Houston. She said she wanted to make her son's birthday special even if he couldn't necessarily play with his friends. On Tuesday, Law's parents drove him down the street as his friends and their families came out on their front doorsteps holding signs and shouting, "Happy birthday!"

Law said he would normally have a sleepover or pool party, but with Houston's stay-at-home ordinance, his family was forced to get creative. His parents are from Ben Bolt and Alice, Texas, and are now living in Cypress, just northwest of Houston, so his mom can care for young patients with heart problems.

Garcia said she knows the importance of social distancing, so she sent an email asking neighbors to help celebrate her son's birthday from a distance.

"I was super happy and excited and felt like I was special, like the whole entire neighborhood knew about me," Law said.

"I think that really shows us that our children aren't always needing something or needing a big party," Garcia said. "They just want to feel special and I think that our community really showed him how special he was on his birthday."

New and old friends played music, held up signs and even cheered as Law rode by. At the end of the day, 40 people participated in his birthday parade.

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