CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Corpus Christi police are now using a new tool to help fight crime in the community -- Neighbors by Ring.

Neighbors by Ring is an app that can be accessed right from your cell phone. 

The police department already uses other social media platforms to find crime, but the app includes a digital neighborhood watch where you can get real-time crime and safety alerts from both neighbors and police.

Neighbors by Ring allows you to post surveillance video, comments about crime, suspicious activity, or other issues in your neighborhood.

The app is not only limited to 'ring video cameras but can post a video from other doorbell cameras as well.

By using the app, the police department can monitor any crime in your area. They will also send you updates on key crime incidents, so you be alert.

The police department cannot connect to your ring camera and look through it a resident will have post video of the crime or write about it on the app, and they will be able to request it through Ring.

"Information is pushed out by the community neighbors. So we have some detectives, we have a crime prevention analyst, our crime analyst, and also the PIO officers that can monitor that," Lt. Michael Pena said. 

According to the department,   the app is working on setting up beats for each of the city's four districts so officers can see what crime is going on in their areas.

Although the app is beneficial -police advise to not just rely on the app but to also report the incident by calling 361-886-2600.