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Neighbors concerned over pack of dogs roaming

The police department urges that if you see or hear any attack either on another pet or human to call them immediately.

Corpus Christi (KIII News) — On Thursday neighbors in the Cole Park area said for the past month a roving pack of dogs killed at least four cats.

According to neighbors, the pack includes five dogs who roam the neighborhood and nearby areas in the very early morning hours when most people aren't out. Of the four cats killed three of them happened in just one week.

"I don't want to be walking my dog at 5 or o'clock in the morning and come across a group of 5 large dogs that could potentially hurt him or me; these dogs are obviously aggressive if they are taking people's cats off their porches," pet owner Carol Haley said.

Haley lives in the Del Mar subdivision and recently joined the Next Door app to stay involved with the most up to date information. Haley never expected to hear the news about dogs.

"There's been a lot of threads going on about a pack of loose dogs in the Del Mar beser park area," Haley said,

A group of five dogs are roaming around in the morning killing any cats seen which is a concern for Haley being a cat owner.

"I own a cat about the same size of Pedro, but I'm keeping him in, he usually comes out for a little bit in the morning and evening, but that seems to be when dogs are most active," Haley said.

According to the Next Door app, three cats total have been killed in the past week, and others have been seriously injured.

"These aren't' feral cats that these dogs are killing, these are people's pets, well cared for," Haley said.

The Corpus Christi Police Department said there were no reports of cats being killed or reports of a pack of stray dogs neighborhood. If the police department gets reports, they will investigate.

"Director animal control going to send animal control officer to that neighborhood, we will put it on a list of frequent patrol, if there is a problem out there we will deal with it," Lt. Chris Hooper said.

According to Hooper, even though the app is a valuable tool for neighbors, it is essential that they also report it to police if an attack were to happen.

"We don't have access to those discussions inside a neighborhood group if there were reports in that neighborhood we would never see it," Hooper said.

The post on Next Door said the pack includes an older black lab, two white dogs with spots, one black medium-sized, and a yellow dog. The pack was last seen on Sunday and Wednesday morning at six points Louisiana and Texan on Longview.

"If you're a responsible pet owner you have your dog fenced, or you take them out on a leash, but you don't let them run loose," Haley said.

The police department urges that if you see or hear any attack either on another pet or human to call them immediately.

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