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Ingleside family featured in new Netflix true crime docuseries 'I Just Killed My Dad'

Anthony Templet's mother claims his father kidnapped him from Ingleside when he was 5 years old. Years later, Anthony shot and killed his father. Was it justified?

INGLESIDE, Texas — "Anthony Templet shot his father and never denied it. But why he did is a complex question with profound implications that go far beyond one family."

That is how Netflix describes one of their newest true crime docuseries called "I Just Killed My Dad." It explores why a 17-year-old would be driven to kill their father, and immediately confess to it. 

Anthony's mother, Teresa Thompson, lives in Ingleside and the small South Texas town was heavily featured in the series.

Here is what the series is about:

It was Monday, June 3, 2019 when Anthony, then 17, shot and killed his father Burt Templet at their home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Anthony called 911 and immediately confessed to the shooting when he told the dispatcher, "I just killed my dad." He was then taken into custody and interviewed by police. 

The police interview, featured in the series, is chilling. Anthony calmly states that he and his father did not get along and he shot him during an argument. He told police his father physically attacked him, but investigators said Anthony showed no signs of having been attacked. 

"The scariest thing about Anthony is he is just kind of like a blank slate," the district attorney who worked his case said in the trailer. "I don't know if he has empathy." 

But when Anthony is jailed, a curious acquaintance who worked with Anthony begins to realize that there are more questions raised than answers after his arrest. Where is his mom? Why did he not seem to be educated in any way? Why was he so withdrawn? And the biggest question of all... why would he kill his dad?

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These questions led the acquaintance to a DNA expert who was able to track down Anthony's mother in Ingleside, Texas. She had apparently been searching for Anthony since he was taken from her Ingleside home by Burt when Anthony was just 5-years-old, she claimed. She even made missing person posters. 

She did not know where Anthony was for 11 years, she said, and was desperately trying to find him. 

The series, which is only three episodes, follows Anthony's legal battles and asks the question, was this shooting justified? Was Anthony kidnapped and abused by his father for years and kept from his biological family?

You can watch the trailer in full below and the full series on Netflix now. 

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