CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — For most Coastal Bend farmers, it's time to start harvesting again, and the financial outlook is pretty good in 2019. 

According to Jason Ott with the AgriLife Extension, he's been keeping a close eye on the crops, and they are looking good.

"Because of the rainfalls we have this year it's been very very timely in addition to being very plentiful," Ott said. 

In 2018 the crops were barely receiving any rain and got drenched when it was too late in the season. 

The only minor issues farmers had in Nueces County in 2019 have been with the cotton crops due to rain and wind damage.

"Many growers had to replant that a second time, if not in some cases a third time, so it's several weeks behind in many cases," Ott said. 

Sorghum is the first main crop that will be harvested in 2019, followed by corn than cotton.

Accord to Ott, Nueces County ranks top in the nation for sorghum with 150,000 acres.

Each acre cost less than $400 to maintain, so farmers are hoping to get a good return on their investment in 2019.