Corpus Christi (KIII News) — Excitement is building at the Richard M. Borchard Fairgrounds as the Nueces County Junior Livestock Show entered its second day.

Sixteen exhibitors will be showing off at least two commercial heifers.

"They're more wild. You don't halter them — they are just in a pasture. You feed them," participant 17-year-old Matteson Kapa said.

For the first time, Nueces County Junior Livestock Show is showing commercial heifers.

"A regular heifer is meant to be shown with a halter and a stick," participant Col Havelka said.

The heifers don't get much human interaction.

"You don't have anything to walk them with. You have to guide them and hope that they don't go crazy and not follow," Kapa said.

Kappa has been showing animals for years but when she heard there was a new addition to the exhibition line-up she was excited.

"My grandpa actually has a ranch and has his own cows so I decided it would be something really cool for us to do together," Kapa said.

According to organizers, they wanted kids to know what it's like to sell commercial heifers in the real world.

"Feeding them. Making sure that if there's any sicknesses, their giving them the medicine that's going to make them better making sure that their water is clean. Those types of things," said Tracy Wright, commercial heifer superintendent.

A bag of feed is between $10-15, and a pin of three heifers could well eat a bag a day.

"It's like feeding another member of the family. Sometimes they eat better than we do," Wright said.

The stock market price for commercial heifers is around $1,500.

"We are hoping that they bring more than that because these kids have done a lot of work," Wright said.

The money the participants get from Friday's sale will most likely go towards furthering their education.

"Hopefully these buyers that come in can pick em up take them out to their pasture and have them start the breeding program that the need them to do," Wright said.