October 8th 2016...

"I remember the day so clear."

...the last goodbye.

"She reached over she gave me a kiss on her cheek she said 'Love you more, Mom. I said 'No, I love you more."

Fallon Wood replays that day over and over, never knowing it would be the last time she'd see her 21-year-old daughter Breanna, just days before she was brutally murdered.

"This year...it's been really hard. I cry everyday for her, I do. I want to grieve so bad but I'm scared for what's going to happen when I do," said Wood.

Wood said it's remembering the happy memories like her daughter's birthday that hasn't made life any easier, but she has started to live a new normal, finally able to breathe when a trial date was set last week for January for alleged killer Joseph Tejeda.

But many days she struggles to accept Breanna is gone, waking up to a painful dream Sunday morning that felt all too real.

"Bre walked in the door and I said 'Where have you been?' And she goes 'What do you mean, Mom?' And I go 'This whole city's been looking for you it's been a year' and she goes 'Mom I've only been gone a day.' No Breanna, it's been a year."

And it's more than just this day, but the number eight itself. Breanna's birthday is March 8th.

"Why the 8th? You know, it was the happiest day of my life on the 8th when I very first saw her. Then my saddest day on the 8th the last time I saw her," said Wood.

But throughout a painful 365 days, their special saying has kept something alive that truly can never die...a mother's love for her daughter.

"I love you more Bre....always," said Wood.