CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A decorated basketball player is returning to her Corpus Christi roots and is teaching what she knows to a newer generation.

Carroll High School alumnus Darias Whittington is changing the rules when it comes to women's basketball, but being a game changer hasn't come easy. 

"Fundamentals is a big thing with basketball, and it's not just you can go out there and be a star," Whittington said.

Whittington and her brother excelled in the sport and eventually became star athletes in their own right. 

"We've been playing ever since, and it just helped me with many things," Whittington said. 

Whittington spends her summers passing what she's learned on to the next generation with many of her students aspiring to be just like her.

"I hope that I can do them some justice and just help them out and just help them with furthering their careers as well," Whittington said. 

Whittington's mission is to put a spotlight on rising athletes who are often not seen enough.

"There's a lot of talent that is being overlooked because we're not a big town," Whittington said. 

Although some may consider Corpus Christi small Whittington is proof that talent is vast. Currently, Whittington attends Adams State University, which is a Division II school.

"As long as the hard work is there and the effort is there you'll be fine," Whittington said. 

Whittington wants young girls to know anything is possible with a little motivation. 

"If you have a something if you have a goal set it and put your mind to it," Whittington said.