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Someone to Know: Beach Keepers

The couple doesn't mind spending their downtime continuing their good work.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — One organization is making it their mission to keep Coastal Bend beaches clean and marine life safe. 

The purpose of Beach Keepers preserving the Coastal Bend coasts and they have been working over the last year to keep beaches clean. 

Beach Keepers have collected over a thousand pounds of trash at Mustang Island State Park since their inception. 

"It's one of the free paid entrances to the state park, and it needs some maintenance out here," founder Carl Allen said. 

The most common item found on the beaches are single-use plastic bottles, which has a harmful effect on life along the beach. 

"The marine life, as well as the birds commonly, mistake it for foods. So you'll see peck marks. You'll see bite marks when it washes in," Allen said. 

Beach Keepers are already gaining more supporters with now reaching over two hundred members. 

"The more people we can get out here doing individual clean ups and just being mindful of the liter that's out here it's going to have to pay it forwards effect," Allen said. 

According to Carl and Suzanne Allen, their passion for the environment drew from the Coastal Bend community where they knew they could make a difference.

"It's one of the only beaches that still has some protection to it and everything about. I enjoy living here," Allen said. 

The couple doesn't mind spending their downtime continuing their good work.

"We come out here regularly, anytime we time we come out here we spend 30 minutes to an hour just picking up the area around us," Allen said. 

According to Allen, Beach Keepers is just getting started but hopes they can set an example for other beachgoers as they soak up the summer sun.

"This is part of our natural resources. So when we come out here, I think that we should be super respectful and not only clean the beaches that we're using but that around us as well," Allen said.