CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Coastal Bend Girl Scout is trying to make life a little brighter for kids in foster care.

Skylar O'Kelley has already painted two murals at CASA of the Coastal Bend, and soon she will be starting another project for the organization.

"It's really amazing to see someone, to see somebody that young, so talented, and so able to focus in on what they want to do," CASA Marketing Director Samantha Koepp-Stemplinger said.

"It's just fun," O'Kelley said. "I love doing what I do, and I wouldn't change anything."

O'Kelley said she has been painting since she was two, and when the time came she decided to devote her Girl Scout projects to the organization that helps foster kids.

"We need people to be advocates for children in foster care," Koepp-Stemplinger said. "That's the number one volunteer goal."

O'Kelley has created two different masterpieces for CASA.

"So when you drive by our building on Crosstown, look over to the right and you'll see them alongside the fence," Koepp-Stemplinger said.

One of the murals portrays the slaying of a dragon, a metaphor for what the foster kids are going through.

"To understand that they have the ability to rise above whatever happend to them and to have an image of that is very powerful," Koepp-Stemplinger said.

It's a message the Girl Scout wants to continue to illustrate.

"I'm painting a little free library and building," O'Kelley said. "I'm hoping next year for my gold project I'm going to be able to to work with them again, and probably something involving art."