CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — School crossing guards see and hear it all when looking for safe passage for students.

Catching Dusti Laughlin for an interview while she is working her post as a crossing guard at East Cliff Elementary School is a difficult task.

Laughlin is known for guiding students to and from school, keeping track of those who pass by.

"I like kids. It's fun. It would help if you had somebody keep them safe. Watch all these people," Laughlin said. 

Even with the invaluable service Laughlin provides, and with thanks from plenty of parents, some still take issue with how she does it.

"I've been yelled at a couple of times. Also, I tell them, 'look, I don't care about drivers. I care about the kids' safety," Laughlin said. 

Laughlin likes to keep things positive.

"You don't know what kind of day a person has had or is having. so it just kind of makes them feel better," Laughlin said. 

If you are looking for a smile and want to see Laughlin in action, unfortunately, you will have to wait until next school year.