A ninth grade Flour Bluff student is taking it upon himself to help warn tourists and new people to the area about the dangers of rip currents along South Texas beaches.

The teen is also honoring the memory of a young man that got caught up in rip current and drowned last year. That is why Samuel Silvas is Someone to Know.

14-year-old Silvas of Boy Scout Troop 949 is on a mission to raise awareness about the dangers of rip currents. The project is part of his scout journey to become an Eagle Scout.

The idea came to him after the drowning death of 16-year-old Carlos Alejandro Perez. Perez was in town on a high school trip during the Skills USA event in April of last year.

"I see this on the news and for my Eagle Scout project it means a lot, and I thought I would make it worth it and help out the community," Silvas said.

Silvas decided to do something to help raise awareness for out-of-towners that are not aware of the dangers of rip currents. So he had the idea to make signs and post them all along the beach, including around the Bob Hall Pier area.

The teen has also made a GoFundMe account and is hoping to raise about $1,000 to pay for about 55 signs.

"There's three steps," Silvas said. "The first is don't tire yourself out fighting against the current. Two, swim parallel to the shore so you are not getting pulled out anymore. Number three, then come in with the waves. If you can't swim back, try to get someone's attention."

Any extra money raised will go to pay for some much larger signs.

"That $1,000 is just for signs in every picnic table and the restrooms, and if we get enough we are going to make big signs at all of the beach entrances," Silvas said.

If you would like to help out, head over to Mikel Mays at Bob Hall Pier from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. June 29 for a silent auction. If you would like to donate online, visit gofundme.com/samuel-silvas-eagle-project.