Homeowners in Portland are learning more about a class action lawsuit filed against Voestalpine.

Tuesday, the law firm behind the lawsuit met with residents who say they are seeing a mysterious black dust covering their homes and vehicles.

Voestalpine has offered to clean up properties affected, but the law firm says that isn't enough.

Residents filled the auditorium at Gregory-Portland Jr. High School to listen to a team of lawyers from Anderson 2x PLLC regarding a lawsuit filed against the iron manufacturer.

Attorney Clif Alexander says the goal of the lawsuit is to make sure residents are not in harms way living next to the plant.

It was last month when 3News first told you about concerns of residents when they began to notice a mysterious black dust coating everything from their cars to their homes. They believe it was coming from the plant.

Alexander says residents he's talked to have concerns on everything from potential property damage, to the health of their pets and families.

Laura Hallowell first noticed it about a month ago in her pool.

"I'm worried about health concerns in the future. Property values are going to be affected by this cause now we have to disclose there is this problem. My garage door is already rusting. "

Karen Gutierrez, another resident, who lives off Calley Springs and says her front door faces the plant. "We have a pet in the back yard, he has a water dish, and we are having to empty it out twice a day."

The Texas Commission of Environmental Quality has collected test samples from the area.

Voestalpine has responded to the concerns in a recent press release saying they will offer to pay to clean up properties quote, "that have been affected by the black material that may have come from temporary operations conducted at our facility."

The company also said the material poses no threat.

"We are not anti-business. We are not anti-development, we want businesses to thrive that produces jobs, but they have to be good neighbors." says Alexander.

Anderson 2x PLLC says over one-hundred people have joined the lawsuit.