Bishop (KIII news) — Back in April, the school district of Bishop expressed a willingness to work with a group to better protect their students.

Its been four months since the organization was introducing itself and now the Volunteer Security Enforcement for Students and Schools has three directors, nine board members, and over 50 volunteers.

"Individuals standing by waiting to be called to get training for level 2 security, and to be fitted for uniforms," said Wayne Grant, director of Volunteer Security Enforcement for Students and Schools.

According to director of operations for the organization, they are are trying to get their volunteers prepared. Training for each officer is $50, and uniforms and equipment cost up to $2,000 per officer.

"You're looking at over $ 100,000," Grant said.

To get grants from the governor's office as well as other organizations the non-profit needs to get their tax exempt certificate from theirs to become a 501 C3. The 28-page application costs $675, which is something Grant does not have.

"A lot of times when we reach out to people for donations we can't write business owners this is tax exempt, and that's what businesses are looking for," Grant said.

The Board of Directors includes people from police and military backgrounds including Tomas Sanchez Jr., an emergency management coordinator for Kleberg County, who also has 30 years experience in the navy.

"If we can save one life it would be worth the effort," Grant said.

Board of Directors all believe it will be a success.

"I'm hoping that other schools, other states, counties will jump on the bandwagon and hopefully this could become a nationwide program," Sanchez said. "Whoever we solicit funds from they all have children or grandchildren within the community that need the same protection as every other child."

If you'd like to help the organization, you can call them at 361-355-2683 or find them on Facebook at Volunteer Security Enforcement for Students and Schools.

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