The pastor of a private church where multiple parishioners were stabbed Wednesday night was one of the people who helped stop the suspect from stabbing anyone else.

One man was killed in the attack, three others were injured, including Pastor Janson Abraham, who got cut on the hand while trying to subdue the suspect, 28-year-old Marco Antonio Moreno.

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"So when I came, he was was kind of attacking or in the mode of charging people," Abraham said. "That's when I interfered and got cut, but by that time almost everyone was wounded."

Abraham is the pastor of the Kingdom Acts Church, which also serves as his family's home on Cambridge Drive. He has a small bandage over the cut he received Wednesday night after he rushed into a prayer meeting Wednesday night to stop Moreno's knife attack.

Abraham said Moreno was not a member, but did show up from time to time. However, Moreno's mother is a member of the church, and she too helped stop her son's attack.

"She was one of the persons helping me when I came out, holding him," Abraham said. "She was the person who helped me to get hold of him and put him in the corner here."

Abraham said they managed to get Moreno outside and held him there until police arrived. In the meantime, parishioners inside worked to help the victims.

61-year-old Frank Castillo was taken to an area hospital where he later died from his wounds. A 54-year-old man was also stabbed and as of Thursday evening, was listed in critical condition at Christus Spohn Shoreline Hospital.

Two other men, said be 35 and 40 years of age, suffered minor injuries during the incident.

"He's a dear fellow, actually," Abraham said, speaking of Castillo. "No one can replace him. It's hard."

Abraham said he does not know why all of this happened, and said Moreno never said anything during the attack or after.

"I would not say that he was angry with the church or he was not anything like that," Abraham said. "It is something we don't know, and we are asking the police department and their investigation to find out what the real cause of this is."

Until then, the pastor-turned-hero is now planning the Sunday service this week, which will be moved to Annapolis Christian Academy.

Abraham said he does not hold any grudge against Moreno and has forgiven him for what he's accused of doing.

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