It has been a full month since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the Coastal Bend, and while many hard-hit communities have been receiving donations, they are still in need when it comes to rebuilding.

Now there's another non-profit organization in town to help.

The Pearl Mae Foundation, a faith-based charity out of Florida, made their way to the Coastal Bend this week.

Linda Cameron, a Rockport resident describes what happened to her house, "Tree come down, and all the ceiling come down and all the water just flooded it all. Destroyed my ice box my stove, all carpet in the house, some of the windows flew out."

Linda is just one of dozens who is still trying to rebuild after Harvey, she also said, “I wasn't eligible because my house wasn't damaged by a disaster, not for us, but for everyone that was in these areas."

The Rockport resident just got her roof fixed but with not enough financial assistance she had to pay it all out of pocket.

“Having to drive to make enough money to put back in what we're spending for house repairs,” Linda said.

The situation has put a strain on everyone in Rockport, financially.

But The Pearl Mae Foundation is stepping up to help, kicking off their hurricane relief fund this Wednesday.

Stephen Johnston, regional director with MCCI Medical Group said, “A grant system to allow financial resources to be brought in the community. The needs I've seen from citizens of Rockport are resources to rebuild.”

With donations from MCCI, Advinity, and private donors, to the foundation -residents whose homes suffered significant damage will be able to apply for financial grants.

Lauren Sullivan, an executive director of the Pearl Mae Foundation said, “We will be providing financial grants in the form of gift cards, residents can go and buy whatever they can't get from other organizations. For example, groceries, household appliances, lumber, money to pay their unpaid bills. Anything really, just to help meet needs."

Giving residents the ability to purchase materials to rebuild and repair, helping them find the road to recovery.

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