The residents at the Pharaoh Valley Golf Course say they are being held hostage after a small group of neighbors stalled the already cleared Barisi Village project.

Home owners Steve Gomez and Mary Dancer say they are excited for the approved $300 million dollar development but nine opposing neighbors have taken the project to court after losing a first lawsuit against the governor to stop the progress.

"So now they're suing us again in the state court system and that's where we're stuck at this point." says Steve Gomez.

Residents for the project say it has become such a war that the opposition group has filed a lawsuit against a neighbor who simply collected the 296 votes in favor. The property manager has also filed a lawsuit against the opposition group for purposefully stopping him from the transaction of his own property.

Pharaoh Valley neighbor Mary Dancer is trying to sell her home, that she purchased 12 years ago when it backed up to a rolling green golf course.

Now, Dancer can't sell it because of what she calls an "eyesore". The opposition group has listed several reasons they believe the project shouldn't move forward, including wanting pigeons to be able to grow and fly freely in nature.

Dancer and Gomez say they believe it comes down to old money and wanting to control power.

3News went to one of the prominent opposition neighbors for who did not respond to comment at press time.

A court decision will not be made until April and could be appealed again.