Among the devastation Hurricane Harvey left, there are also some incredible stories of resilience to share as well.

And in Woodsboro, a town hit hard by the storm itself, one photographer creating a unique photo shoot with three babies who will have quite the story to share when they're older.

Our Briana Whitney reports.

Cheryl Breaker is used to having the cutest photo shoots, capturing newborn babies in their first weeks of life.

But these three babies are more than just cute, their first breaths taken in the middle of a natural disaster.

Breaker said, “We know what we went through and I just can't imagine being in labor and having a baby when all of this is going on."

Babies Sydney, Savannah, and Cash were born here in South Texas in the middle of Hurricane Harvey.

The photographer wanting to capture a different angle of the storm she explained, “I wanted to convey, there was a happy ending also for some families."

But there's a backstory, Breaker works out of her home in Woodsboro dealing with thousands of dollars in hurricane damage herself.

Forcing her to abandon her home studio for now, but even among her own financial stress she is still making time to make the days of other families capturing their child’s first moments.

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