With nearly 60 killed and more than 500 wounded in Sunday night's mass shooting at a Las Vegas country music festival, it's the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

The shooter fired hundreds of rounds from the Mandalay Bay hotel, where a couple from Port Aransas was staying at the time.

They had been displaced from their Port Aransas home since Hurricane Harvey and were planning to have a great time in Las Vegas. Now they are grateful they made a last minute change to their room assignment.

Police said the suspected gunman Stephen Paddock fired more than 200 rounds from the hotel into a crowd of thousands.

"It was really scary because when they first said active shooter, when we first started hearing it, we didn't know where it was," Lori Edwards said.

Edwards and Jonathan Nations got to their room at Mandalay Bay about an hour before gunshots rang out. They could see the festival clearly from their window.

"When we checked in they put us on the seventh floor, but we were facing the concert and I wanted to be moved," Edwards said.

The couple was moved to the opposite end of the hotel.

"We were sort of watching it unfold from our room and then at 4 a.m. SWAT came and did a safety check," Edwards said.

Edwards took a photo of the gunman's room, its window blown out.

Now the shooting is over and memorials are being created on the street, but things are far from normal.

"It's kind of like it is in Port Aransas right now," Edwards said. "Like shell-shocked."

The couple, displaced from their Port Aransas home after the hurricane and finally getting away for a work conference and some fun, never expected to be in the middle of such devastation again.

"That's just unreal that it keeps happening, for it to be this close," Edwards said. "It's just like, you never expect to see something like this. It's unreal."

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