Monday was the first day of class for the more than 500 students in Port Aransas since Hurricane Harvey delayed the start of their school year.

Students said the first day back helps deal with school disruptions from the storm.

"My friends and people I know that I'm not too close with that have been affected by the storm, they're a little less outgoing than they might be because their houses are destroyed and stuff, but they're doing a lot better than we thought," one student said. "And every time that something opens up in town like a restaurant that we used to go to or the school for instance, everyone just gets a little happier."

Senior Zach Brown said not everyone of his classmates returned from their temporary schools.

"I have a few friends that are in baseball and they really like the baseball program at Flour Bluff, so they're going to stay there for a little bit," Brown said. "That's kind of sad to see, but at least they're happy."

It was not just the students who were dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Teachers like Ryan Piwetz said sharing stories with the students is helping everyone.

"I live in Rockport actually, so we had similar things go through Rockport, and Rockport's dealing with the similar things like Port Aransas, so we've all had that and we've been able to support each other through all of this, and so it's just been good," Piwetz said. "Good to see the kids."

The district superintendent said more than 500 students in the district are being taught in 56 classrooms inside portable buildings. None of the permanent school buildings escaped damage from the storm and repair crews are working on all of them.

The superintendent also said they hope to start reopening the permanent classrooms after the holidays.

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