It was a huge milestone for the Port of Corpus Christi Friday as the largest crude oil tanker ever to call a Gulf of Mexico port made its way through the Corpus Christi ship channel.

It took three hours to dock the ship into place, but with a lot of teamwork and planning, Harbor Pilot Jay Rivera said the crude oil carrier fit right into its spot with room to spare.

"This is a huge day for the area, for the Port, for our waterway, for the American export of oil," Rivera said. "It's a big, big deal."

In partnership with Oxychem, the VLCC Anne, or Very Large Crude Carrier, is the largest carrier to come into the Port of Corpus Christi. It can hold two million barrels of oil. The typical carrier holds only 300,000 barrels.

Anne is 1,093 feet long, which is the length of four football fields, and it's 200 feet tall. However, when it's in the water, only 65 feet of the ship's height is visible.

Port Commission Chairman Charlie Zahn said it is a huge day for everyone involved.

"I'm extremely excited," Zahn said. "We have a vision in the Port of Corpus Christi. We're gonna be the energy port of the Americas."

Rivera said the vessel and partnership with Oxy is also a win for the local economy.

"It's going to, again, develop our oil fields," Rivera said. "It's going to bring more jobs to the area and it's also going to be a huge economic boost for the area."

Before Anne leaves the port, it will be loaded with 900,000 barrels of oil. It will then head to places like Asia and Europe.